big swing, no miss (a flashback)

i just can’t get my writing pace right lately…

…either i’m sluggish, the bits are basically posted in real time, and i’m struggling for content, or i get so far ahead of myself that i fuck up the order of things, which is what happened this week. i was writing a bit over the holiday break and mislabeled a bit by day of week, throwing off everything after that.

so since there was no “perfectly aged bit” for either twenty, or even fifteen years for today, i went back ten, and it was a sixer WITH a UFC comment, so i’d say we came out ahead after all!

fuck the mayans! (final time i bring this up, i promise)

Author: sean M Published: January 6, 2013 1 comment edit

so, since it’s 2013, i guess it’s safe to say the world didn’t end…

…at least as of the tail end of december when i’m writing this shit.

at the beginning of the year rather than do my typical “resolutions” bit i did a “bucket list” of sorts since it was supposed to be our last year on earth and all – but how much of that shit did i procrastinate? oh, let us see:

the final bucket list sixer (maybe – depending on apocalyptic conditions)

6. stay on top of the whore – i’m kinda cheating here. as of when this is being written, i’m doing it rather nicely, now that i’ve realized my own set of rules for this (don’t try and write at the shop, don’t try and force bits out of my brainus, etc) but can i keep up the pace? time will tell – just not TOO much time…

this i’d say i’ve done, save for a couple issues due to no internet at the house…but overall, i kicked ass on it.

2023 note – so far, so good!

5. get the place looking nice – i like heading off to vacation with the house looking nice. i figure if i’m gonna go out for good, might as well leave nice looking rubble so future post-apocalyptic types can go, “damn – for a single guy he kept a nice place…and had a SHIT-LOAD of music!”

well, if i wasn’t gonna go six for six i think we all knew what one wouldn’t get did…

2023 note – better than it was back then by a long shot!

4. build up more debt – admittedly, this is hedging my bets on the mayan prophecy, but you can’t take it with you – and that phrase includes DEBT, so i’ve always said, “if you die owing them money, you WON!!!”

due to pawn shop lay-a-ways that are still outstanding for large tv’s and large caliber fire arms i think i slam-dunked this bad bitch!

2023 note – sadly this is at an all time high

3. drama free since ’03 – okay, that’s kinda bullshit, as that was the year right BEFORE alex and we all know that was far from drama-free. but since ’08-’09? MUCH more drama-free…and at this point, pretty much 100% drama free. plan on riding this theme out till the end, be it 2012 or 2072…

the UFC was the best call to keep this one going hands down!

2023 note – still pretty much the case!

2. reaching for the 10K – for all who thinks this is me implying i wanna run some kind of foot race, punch yourself in the face ’cause you obviously don’t know me worth a shit. i drive a nice car for one reason – i LIKE to drive. i have no need to run a 10K when i can drive it much faster AND more comfortably. no, this is an iTunes reference – sitting at (checks it) 9,255 songs as of when this is being written (which is 12/5/2011 to ruin some of the magic but shows number six on this list is coming along nicely) so we’ll see how things play out here. i figured one of these needed to be realistic, unlike…

10,085 as of december 23rd when i’m writing this…

2023 note – needless to say, thanks to streaming now being a thing, infinitely higher

1. don’t worry, be happy – this pretty much sums ’em all up, i suppose. always wanted to accomplish this in my lifetime, guess it’s now or never…

i think i actually did this one as well! thanks UFC (and shane, and puppies, and atomic, and…)

so five outta six? that’s an eight point three outta ten? not bad for a boy with no vocational training!

2023 note – six outta six – life goal achieved!

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UFC Jan 6, 2013 @ 17:13

Wow, I’m so excited to be here twice, no drama & happy!?! Think we’re off to a kick ass start! Can’t wait to see all the amazing things in store for us this year!

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