gift guide (a throwback)

so this one is interesting…

…it’s not “perfectly aged”, but rather from the day after. that being said, there are no less than THREE posts from the “day after”, the first of which is labeled “did you miss me?”, which would explain why there wasn’t one for today. this one was short, the name caught my attention, and i recently found the image files for these older bits so i can use the o.g. image in it, and there we are:

12/02/2002: “fuck the five golden rings…”

okay, so maybe she’s not my FIRST pick for the girl i want in nothing but a v-string in my bed with a bow on her head as my ultimate christmas gift, even if it has to be the weekend before christmas or something (’cause at this stage a whole weekend will be needed)…but since the actual numero uno choice has done everything shy of a legal injunction to keep me from posting HER pic on here, i figure this lil’ bit of eye candy would do…and yes, it’s the girl from the action flick xxx…not to be confused with the rating on the majority of my video collection. i just wanted to try out the new shit and see how photos and text interacted on here.

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nice ti.. i mean tattoo
harold said @ 12/10/2002 11:50 AM CST

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