already missing it

i tried to make the most of my last day with an old friend, but it wasn’t all it coulda been…

it’ll be missed. not that i’m saying good-bye to working out, or even gold’s gym (hopefully). no, just to this location, which is conveniently less than a mile from the shop and closed for good yesterday in order to be dozed for (i’m pretty sure) condos, as everything in austin eventually will be.

i’ve been going there for quite some time. pretty much my entire thirteen year tenure with atomic and then some. my boss refers to it as “the dungeon” because some of it is a little dank and dark and such, but overall it’s a pretty cool building, and it’s a “gold’s gym” with more of an emphasis on the “gym” part, where as most of the latest ones have been overgrown apartment fitness centers. i was told the company is now under new ownership, and that the new owners want to return more to it’s “gym roots” versus the fitness center route, so i’ll be curious to see how the one their going eventually finish out to replace this one looks.

my back is acting up worse than ever as i write this. as in it’s bad enough it looks bad in photos. you can SEE that my back isn’t straight between my ribs and hips. i’ve never noticed it actually looking bad in a mirror before, but maybe before i was heavier and it didn’t show? all i know is it happened wednesday, seemed to get worse through thursday, and thanks to getting kinda fucked over on some money i was supposed to get for missing two weekends of shop cash i depleted my savings and so i HAVE to go work thirty hours in this condition which i might not make it through.

i guess we’ll see.

but rip gold’s at burnet – when i work out properly again you’ll REALLY be missed.

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