holiday haze

who knew a hard week could fuck me up for a bit?

seriously – the week leading up to thanksgiving i worked seven days in a row, a total of over sixty hours, to get the shop remodeled and fabulous. it worked. not that i did it alone, you understand, but still…

i’ll quickly add it’s improved with more art since these pics and will continue to do so as furniture is replaced

i was an absolute nazi about our reopen date because every weekend the shop is shut down literally costs me a couple hundred out of pocket minimum. i was told i would be compensated for that. to no surprise i wasn’t. i’m starting to think the only way i get more money is if i leave my job, which is sad. i was promised a raise back in july…of 2021. and here i sit. i’m told it gets made up for starting next year, so i guess january 25th is the drop date. if my check changes, we’re good. if it doesn’t, i set up a meeting with my boss’ parents (i.e. go over his head) and if they’ve never even heard i was supposed to get a raise i’ll be gone by that summer more than likely. it’ll be sad if i have to end it that way, but you can only be insulted for so long, ya know?

moving on…

i still, a week later, feel kinda mentally fucked up after all that (keep in mind i don’t get any overtime) so i still feel like there’s tons of things to do at the house (there is) and no time (just because last week on the only two days i had off after that it was thanksgiving so not a lot got accomplished) and in the middle my favorite beanie disappeared, which bugs me since i rarely (and i mean REALLY fucking rarely) lose shit.

but just little things like that seem to throw me off lately. i’m not sure why. maybe i’m mentally losing it? maybe it’s “you kids get off my yard” snap temper aging? or just my inevitable descent into madness?

i guess time will tell.

but i’m gonna start that whole new years resolution shit a month early and try and get some major projects accomplished during the month of december. there’s a pretty significant car repair and some other shit that needs to be tackled, so i guess it’s high time we got to it.

and i gotta find that fucking beanie…

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