a grey note

something occurred to me moments ago i just wanted to share while the thought was fresh…

…sometimes, it’s the little things.

so, one of the things i really dug about getting my five series back in 2017 was the new electronics. it had built in bluetooth, which meant no more fucking headsets! i had a good run with em for a while there, but the last couple of ones i got for mr. grey just SUCKED. they didn’t fit my ear right so they kept falling out, or people couldn’t hear me worth a shit, or something. there was ALWAYS something.

but then i caught a wild hair and decided to upgrade grey’s radio after he was no longer the daily driver, but due to him being a convertible i didn’t want anything that attracted attention. the main reason for the upgrade was to update the ability of connecting the phone versus the ipod that was hardwired in, so i got the “newer” version of the radio from bmw, which was actually made by alpine (the previous one was made by blaupunkt). it allowed the ipod to stay but also had a factory kit you could by to attach an auxilary plug to it (for a whopping $35 new) and i only plaid $40 for the radio via eBay so for $75 and a couple hours work i was set up nicely.

we are all creatures of habit. muscle memory is a real thing. it’s why when i drive mr grey, without thinking about it, i push my finger to his dashboard to hit the “stop engine” button before i realize he pre-dates that tech and i have to actually turn the key in the ignition to shut him off. likewise, without even thinking about it, when i was driving around in him the other day and ME called i tapped the phone screen and just started talking to her via the speaker in the car, like i always do.

except i wasn’t in my black betty, my five series…i was in mr grey. that’s how i found out the “newer” radios (only eighteen years old) allow you to do this. if i’d known that back then i would have HAPPILY upgraded his radio when i was driving him around more often. shit, where was this when i needed it? eh, fuck it – at least i have it now, right?

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