you’ve been getting yo stank gone wrong

as a guy there are some of the stereotypes that fit me, and some that don’t…

…but to prove such things come from a real place, i’ll point out one that typically does:

i rarely read directions. well, to be more accurate, i rarely read directions on things i “know how to use”. i put that in quotes because, apparently, i don’t know how to use them all as well as i thought. or, at least according to the directions. and an article or several online.

so the other day i’m brushing my teeth, happen to look down, and see that my deodorant has instructions. i had no idea because, well, i’ve been using deodorant for almost forty years and figure i know how to apply it (although, i will admit, i’m never sure how much i’m supposed to apply but never mind that now). anywho, said instructions:

while “apply to underarms only” was no big surprise, the second line, “apply at bedtime” seemed weird to me. turns out, though, to be a legit instruction. from the article i linked to above:

apparently the time i apply it (right after a shower, typically in the morning) is the absolute WORST time to use it, although it makes me wonder if always doing it at the most wrong time has helped my body not absorb enough of the aluminum whatever in that stuff to maybe avoid negative cognitive effects later it’s rumored to cause? that i’m not sure of…what i AM pretty sure of is if i do it night i can probably use less (if it’s supposedly more effective this way) and i should definitely be able to avoid the stripey shirt syndrome i tend to have when i put on one of the hundreds of black shirts i own.

that, honestly, is looking to be the really big advantage from where i’m sitting! guess we’ll have to try this and see what’s up!

it should be noted this only applies if you, like me, use antiperspirant / deodorant. if yo sweaty stank ass avoids the “antiperspirant” part time you put it on is irrelevant just as, apparently, the nose of everyone around you is as far as you’re concerned…

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