i guess four outta five ain’t bad?

this red vs blue bullshit the politicians are doing these days? some of us have seen that shit before…

just another case of the white man taking credit for what the black man did first. speaking of, i was surprised to see this headline on wednesday in a feed or two:

i thought this had been handled? i mean, i know the “new” version of the GOP is trying to take things back to the olden days, i just had no idea they were shooting for this “olden”?

turns out it ain’t quite all that. the term is being used to describe prisoners having to do involuntary labor as part of their sentence, which from where i’m sitting ain’t slavery. at least not what i grew up knowing as slavery. but only four out of five states which had this on the ballot passed it, making that fifth one (louisiana) look backwards as FUCK in the eyes of the nation. but it turns out the lawmakers that wrote the bill realized, after it was on the ballot, that it needed some clarification in the language and shouldn’t be voted into law in its current form, so they rallied to get people to vote against their own measure so they could re-write it properly so it got voted down.

democracy in action?

so don’t look down on them for missing on that one. i think nine out of ten of us (and why is the other guy wearing that red ball caps still?) can agree slavery is wrong.

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