to fur or not to fur? seriously, a question! (and a throwback)

so, i did something i don’t often do here…

…we’re pushing out a bit that’s technically not perfectly aged. it’s a day off. but i think it gets in on a technicality. in the original days of this site, when we were first on, it was hosted on a server farm in the u.k. and so all post time stamps were in GMT (greenwich mean time) and this bit was posted just shy of 4am, but where i’m at (central time in the u.s.) we’re five hours BEHIND GMT, so technically this was posted at 11pm the day before it shows.

multiple old bits make reference to “the pube poll” and this was the bit that started it, so i wanted it out there. it was the first of two bits for the day it was posted (given the timestamp i probably thought i’d done it early enough to count for the 22nd but not so much) and was based on an impromptu office poll at star tickets where i used to work. one of the VP’s of the company found a website whereby you could put in the month and year you were born and it would show you the playboy centerfold from the issue that was current then. since, at the time, most of us in said office were born in the 70’s or before there was a whole lotta bush going on! but as he started questioning the (mostly female) phone room staff about year and month of birth we started getting into some 80’s time where landing strips and less started to come into the mix. this forced (?!?) him to start asking everyone their personal preference, and here we are…

09/23/2002: “the pube poll”

so, how do you like the hair down there? i wanna know what my readers think on this (and to prove to myself i actually have more than three or four). rate your preferred level of bushiness, 1 to 10…1 being bald as dr. evil’s pet kitty, 10 being hairier than fat bastard’s back…and let me know if you mean it for guys or girls…vote for both, if you so choose…i just wanna get an average here. plan on running this till the end of the month, so vote away!

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4 or less for girls, don’t do guys….

fem said @ 09/28/2002 02:46 AM GMT

Mare and i were gonna respond but not after dreadkramer…phhhhttttt

Linda leaving Alaska said @ 09/25/2002 03:25 AM GMT

On my guys I like it to be in between..not too much..but not a 5 for guys..and my girls..I like it a 1 for my girls..

The Horny Ladybug said @ 09/24/2002 06:51 AM GMT

Dreads baby. Should hang down to their knees. that would be 10 for the girls.

Just call me “Mr. Natural”

dread Kramer said @ 09/23/2002 02:35 PM GMT

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