no more night

look kids – a metallica monday bit!

…i’m only kidding! that’s so not a thing.

i’ve never been much of a beer drinker. i think it goes back to an incident when i was a kid whereby my dad had me drink out of his pilsner glass but when i lowered it down i bit a semi-circle of glass out of the rim. needless to say that sent both my parents into a panic. they both yelled at me to spit it out and kept trying to pry my mouth open. i locked down my jaw like a pitbull on a pork chop. i’d gotten in trouble before for spitting out beer and that was NOT gonna happen again! in a move that almost made my mom pass out they heard a big gulp, then i smiled, and spit out the glass in one piece.

so, we did a beer night for a while at the shop on fridays after we’d close and i decided to kick in once with this beer i’d seen at the spec’s across the street from the 183 atomic, except they were out. they did a computer search and found the only store in the area that still had it was bastrop. who knew bastrop had grown to the point of having a spec’s? so i went to only get two, but ended up buying all three they had because the store manager essentially bribed me to buy the third, offering it at a severe discount just to close out the shelf since it was no longer made. the beer in question?

as the lettering would indicate, the beer was done in conjunction with metallica. as the demon head would tell any mid-grade beer snob, said beer was made by the same folks that make arrogant bastard ale, the stone ipa brewery. the first sixer got killed as we led up to beer night, the second at beer night, and then the third got buried on a shelf in our laundry room and just hit the fridge at the beginning of the summer. last night, the last one fell…

so no more metallibeer. but as i was rinsing out the can (not sure if i’ll keep it or recycle it, but the rinsing equally applied) i noticed something i’d never noticed on the previous seventeen fucking cans:

an expiration date?!? i’m a whiskey/tequila guy – i’m not used to this shit!

what’s annoying is i don’t remember exactly when i bought this, but i know it was AFTER the expiration date! i remember this because we started doing this when we had a couple join the shop and they came in post pandemic break, which would be the tail end of may of 2020 at the absolute earliest, a month past the expired date. now i feel like i shoulda gotten all three sixers at the severe discount!

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