she got five on it

i can’t even remember where i spent my tenth birthday, but more than likely it was the state park pool in lockhart, texas…

…i mean, it was a friday in the summer and that was basically my summer home (plus, mom being a school librarian meant she was off during the summer and it never occurred to me that other people’s parents weren’t off in the summer).

i should also quickly add i’m not some kind of wizard, but with my phone right here looking up june 19, 1981 took less than a minute to get day of week.

my 20th was a wednesday, and during the summer i tried (unsuccessfully) to get my GPA up to get back into school but only made it worse, so i was probably in class for that one. my 30th was a slight shit show between getting hammered drunk at the back room, co-hosting james’ show on 101X, and wrapping up at a strip club where the surf & turf special (with only sprite to drink) made for a shitty following morning. the 40th was a pool party with atomic fam and my GATT (girlfriend at the time) and dell folk and james and then 50th was trudy’s and on to vegas.

the point being, i tend to do it up on the zero birthdays, and the rest just kinda fall in between. i only remember freaking out about my weight/appearance at forty, which resulted in a lean cuisine diet that saw me drop to 207 (lowest since eight grade) but sacrifice a good amount of muscle to do so.

apparently for the ufc it’s the fives. she turned thirty five about six weeks before we met, so i missed out on that one, but this one wednesday had her freaked out going in. she did it up the weekend before with a girl’s night down in SA with her BFF and then a work happy hour a couple nights later. we had a nice family meal and my gift picking streak is in tact, so she seems to be a happy wifey. it’s funny – i weigh myself (forever trying to lose weight, but have totally given up on being under 200 unless i’m literally dying) on the fives and zeroes (i.e. i weighed myself on the 20th, won’t again till the 25th) and had no idea the name numeric pattern fit our freak out birthdays in this marriage. ain’t coincidences fun?

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