maiden austin

i’ve now seen iron maiden three times…

…the first two were in san antonio, a city that knows how to do a metal show. would austin hold its own at the new moody center? i’ll break it down into three categories:

the logistics

it’s a long standing city of austin tradition to take the “we gave you a concert venue, you want parking too?!?” attitude when it comes to concert venues at the moody center is no exception. while many (mainly my wife) like to brag about my “parking karma” but last night i was six of seven blocks away and the ensuing blisters (newish shoes) have me sidelined from yard work and such today, which kinda sucks. i coulda been closer in the first space i pulled into, but that was on u of t campus proper and i don’t know how strict they are on that “two hour limit” shit for parking and didn’t wanna gamble my car getting booted or towed. i was, however, able to escape the inevitable gridlock closer to the venue since i parked in the street so far away, and got on the interstate and away pretty smoothly.

the actual venue

it’s pretty damn stunning. it seems small until you really step back and look at it. the restrooms were fabulous, the subterranean vibe of the lower levels dim and cooling and nice. i didn’t eat there and but after smelling the food kinda regret it and will bring an appetite (and an actual reserved seat) for the next even i attend there. staff (which i tried to be part of but the position closed before i got my resume together) was friendly and cool. overall i’d recommend it, but if you can über or otherwise catch a ride it’ll definitely up the experience.

the show

it was a great time. since i last saw them on (supposedly) the same tour in 2019, they’ve released a new album, which had a samurai theme.

which gave bruce an excuse for a top knot, in addition to making it to where i didn’t know the first few songs…

and but for most of the show it was a greatest hits set, with kramer’s evil twin (and maiden’s founder, steve harris) on bass and adrian and dave and what’s his name on guitar…

and when there’s four of them, sometimes they like to try and gang up on the audience…

but it was a great set, and while i said nothing could top the 2019 show (this was fun, but didn’t) and after that i said i’d never see em again because it wouldn’t be as good, last night was fun enough i’d do a fourth, maybe even a fifth, maiden show.

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