hip stick

well, one of my worst nightmares has become a reality…

…yep – this is a thing:

since the 90’s (which was honestly when i found out that it existed) i’ve always told people that “patchouli oil is not a speed stick substitute”. and now, here we are, with it used at the basis for an all natural deodorant priced at only SIX FUCKING TIMES what speed stick costs.

yeah, i’m sure they’ll pay that when they’re used to paying…well…not a damn thing. that funk is a funk, but it’s funkin’ free.

i haven’t seen it in stores yet, so i doubted it was real, but it’s actually up for sale on amazon and a couple of other places, so i guess it’s legit? all i know is i, at times, try to match the individual bit header kinda with the subject matter and realized i didn’t actually have a “hippy header”, which i’m honestly kinda proud of. let me know when you experience this grand funk for yourself.

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