partying like it’s 1999!

we’d always said we wanted rob zombie to be os’s first show…

we decided to forego the first two (powerman 5000 & static x) for a mixture of climate (the temperature was actually nice but out at the venue it was raining pretty good according to the weather app) and i could care less about powerman and wayne’s dead so i don’t care what they call themselves, that is NOT static x without wayne static.

(RIP old buddy, it was fun hanging with you in SA the couple times i got to!)

but mudvayne i at least partially wanted to catch and, of course, we didn’t wanna miss a second of rob zombie. i think os even started to get a little into it when the friday before i was hauling a half ton of teenagers back to the house for d&d while playing a rob zombie album and one of his buddy’s commented that “rob zombie is rad” and he got instant points when i remarked we were going to see him in less than a week with os in tow and we’d be on the second row of the floor.

unbeknownst to me mudvayne was not someone that the ufc was really familiar with. she’d heard their two radio singles and that was about. for some reason, even though they were second on the bill, the crowd was a little more dense and wild and sweaty for them then it was for rob.

this kinda freaked out our first timer, so the last half of their set was viewed via monitors on a soccer field near by

but then…

say what you want…

our seats did NOT suck…thanks citibank presale!

we all had fun and were home before 11:30, which it REALLY shows my age that i felt compelled to mention that last part. for nik & os this was late as they usually go to bed around 10pm, but for me (i go to bed around midnight every night) this was about perfect. now HE gets to pick what his other shows are going forward…

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