fire em up young! (yeah, this is for real)

“when the original american, jesus christ, wrote the constitution he said we could all have assault weapons!” – far too many people i know

while your modern gun activist will quote (most of) the second amendment and talk about how it applies to ALL americans, regardless of mental stability or age (although they do wish it would restrict based on color, sexual preference, or religion) they don’t talk about the kids. fortunately, there’s a company that kept em in mind:

yep – the AR-15 Junior, or JR-15 for short. it’s much smaller and lighter than the real thing, as seen scaled next to this $100 bill:

and it costs about four of those bills to buy the damn thing, which is oddly enough what i paid for my full sized AR-15. while it’s scaled down in size and kick and caliber (22LR vs 556/223) it DOES take real fucking bullets and is NOT a fucking toy.

i can honestly think of at least two friends who, if this had been out when their daughter’s were younger, would have TOTALLY got one for them. and i know this because one of them DID get his daughter a .22LR full sized AR-15 to use at the range, and she did so when i was out there with them.

(as a mid 20’s adult she has no interest in, nor does she currently own, any firearms, however)

i’ll bet the first time this is used in a school it might actually be the first time one gets pulled off the shelves. let’s wait and see…probably more a case of “when” more than “if”, sadly.

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