lazy titling (a flashback)

i guess i did it up top, too…

…but not as lazy as the one twenty years ago. of course, back then, i was still pretty fucking new at this!

08/19/2002: “sunday six pack”

the name a few of you should be cursing in your sleep is “geniva”. i THINK i spelled that right, which means i probably didn’t. she’s the girl who went to see p!nk and lenny kravitz with me and my sister…which can be fun seeing the two of us interact, ’cause in a lot of ways we’re very similar, and in a lot of ways we’re very different. we never really hang out (much to my dismay) but still have a enough inherent mannerism and speaking similarities to occasionally kinda surprise her friends. very cool way to spend a sunday, and here are six people that made it that way:

1. p!nk: as in the singer. awesome bod, awesome voice that can REALLY wail, particularly when the songs aren’t her’s. case in point, 4 non-blondes “what’s up” (the lead 4nb chick produced p!nk’s album and i SWEAR was the bass player on stage tonight). also, a medley of summer time and me & bobby mcgee. i surprised myself by knowing more than two of her original numbers…and by using the jumbo projections to critique her ink..the shoulder pieces could stand to go…but there’s something about a girl with a cute lil’ bit of ink on the back of her neck that turns me on (i guess because it’s SO public, yet so concealable all at the same time) and she was no exception…

2. lenny: as in kravitz. NEVER fails to disappoint, and tonight was no exception. all the better was the fact that i think he played more stuff off his first two cds than his latest one (which sadly, i don’t own yet even though it has been out a while). always rocking, always captivating. returns good ol’ rawk n’ roll back to it’s black roots before your very eyes, with plenty of rockin’ soul thrown in. and my sister wants him, but never mind that now.

3. craig: as in ross. lenny’s guitar player. great seventies guitar god poses, vintage axes, and a ‘fro bigger than lenny’s, which ain’t bad for a white boy. great solos, great to watch, and if you bother to pick up his solo cd and reference someting off it to an indy record store employee (think of those cusack or black’s characters in high fidelity) it gives you INSTANT hipness cred.

4. nate: as in a guy i work with at star. he wasn’t actually AT the show, nor have i ever spoke to him about lenny kravitz. but he DID bitch that he had never been mentioned here on the ‘whore, so i told him i’d work him into the next three entries for no reason. this would be two for three. the one star employee i DID see isn’t really an employee, he’s the guy who signs me and nate’s checks: the owner. he was at the show with his wife and several of her friends, who are all twenty-something, blonde, and hot…and most of them remembered me by NAME. sadly, i went one for three on remembering them (two for four if you count my bosses wife)

5. cindy: as in blackman. lenny’s drummer. EASILY my favorite drummer to watch play, even if the ‘fro does shrink up quite a bit as the night progresses. still good to watch. plus, her solos are always incredible due to the battling factors of how rocking they are versus how small her kit is. in the terms of mike t, star phone room manager, that’s one bad bitch. of course, he’s never used that to describe cindy; he probably doesn’t even know who she is. but it fits none the less.

6. teri: as in my sister. mentioning her last shows this list TRULY was not in order, ’cause hanging out with her was one of the coolest points of the evening. with family you can hang, sing out loud together with the songs (yes, she had to endure me singing…but i had to put up with her, too….now that REALLY sounds like family bickering, don’t it?) but over all, we had a blast and decided we HAVE to do it again. we were handed a flier for the vwa and looked at the list. i wanna go to ozzfest, she’s rather not. she wants to go to creed, i’d rather not (or more accurately, i’d rather slam my manhood in a car door). so it looks like aerosmith gets the nod for the next show teri and i hit together to sing, dance, and act the family fools at. who wants to be third at that one?

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