who knew “MD” was short for “Middle School”?

we can all admit, every now and again, our government fucks up…

…i mean, as humans, we all do, and as bureaucratic humans, i feel they’re even more prone to it.

but this one baffled me.

i saw it a couple weeks ago when the governor of california declared a state of emergency over monkey pox. i had no idea we’d had that big a go with the pathogen, but i guess it varies state to state. i knew almost nothing about this stuff, so i decided to hit the cdc website and see what all the hype was about, and started off reading the symptoms. i thought it was funny that when they described how you might have sores around your genitals, they then felt they urge to define what genitals ARE, but in clinical terms (penis, vagina, etc) but then when they said you might also have sores around your anus (clinical term) they felt the urge to “break that one down” as well…

i mean, was that really necessary? i mean, it did make me literally laugh out loud at 7:30am, which is rare, but otherwise, what the fuck? i wonder if this was in error? for crying out loud, the anus even has it’s own sub genre of porn…we all know what it is, right?

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