things are even worse now (a throwback that’s not as bad as that sounded)

so, this one is interesting…

…the bit that was exactly twenty years old had already been run, so i didn’t even consider it for today. that being said, the one that was nineteen years old today hadn’t been run, but in the intro states it’s basically an old bit with an introduction (who knew i was rerunning shit that long ago?) but it doesn’t do what i do now whereby it has the original title and date on the rerun, so i’m not sure if this is a rerun of a reposted bit or a rerun of a bit that hasn’t seen the light in twenty years or more. what’s fun in the comments in parentheses are from the original repost, which was nineteen years ago today. that being said, my nipple piercings are now more uneven than ever, since one is horizontal, as it was pierced, but the other migrated back to the 45° channel where the previous piercing clearly hadn’t fully healed closed.

probably more about me than you wanted to know, so here’s an old bit…

07/28/2003: “i think my nipples are uneven (reprise)”

all right, i’m gonna try and sober up from my weekend; you guys read an old bit about my nipples, and we’ll catch up on the weekend later…

see, here’s the problem. i write this page. i edit this page. i never actually READ this page. it’s true. so, i kinda forgot i was supposed to stretch at the gym. i NEVER stretch. i forgot i was supposed to go light. i NEVER go light. so i decided to see how far i could go, exercise wise.

the world gym (now gold’s gym…this was originally done over a year ago) downtown is going through “renovations” what that means for now is the men’s locker room is gone. not inconvenient. not under construction. gone. as in “not there”. so, you can’t change at the gym. i would guesstimate that about 78% of the membership of world gym downtown is male. and gay. VERY gay. (almost frighteningly so…like the kind that fit the stereotypes that religious people go on about) so, when the place they could lounge in next to nothing (or less) and socialize (i.e. the locker room) was taken away, they left. all the better for us…the few…the proud…the one’s that are there to work out. but we have to change at the office. no big loss to me, otherwise. see, i’m not “pretty”. don’t get me wrong, i’m FAR from unattractive, but i’m by no means pretty. add to that that when i work out, i’m sweaty. and grunting. and my hairs only half pulled back (again, this was back before i started shaving my head and my hair was actually LONGER than kramer’s). doing anything for you? if so, please see the “blow stuff” side bar item. for the average gay guy, it does ABSOLUTELY nothing…which is a good thing. not that i have a problem with gay men, you understand. (and i won’t do the typical hetero thing and list off every gay guy that’s crossed my path in a vain attempt to justify that statement, i’ll just let it stand) in fact, i LOVE bi women (what real man doesn’t?) but the way i look at homosexuality is the same way i view christianity or vegetarianism. you have your views, i have mine. just don’t try to make me head your way, and we’re all good. and if you do attempt to “swing” me your way, we’ll probably have a problem or two. let’s move on…

so today, which was GORGEOUS outside, had me walking to the gym, in the aforementioned (??) abercrombie khaki shorts, and a wife beater. judging off the looks (and two honks) i got on the way down, apparently this thuggish look works on me. so, i get there, and it’s monday. which means upper body. start with the bench.

ten reps, 155 pounds. no problems. no back issues (injured myself apparently before the original of this was done). eight reps, 205 pounds. again, no issues. so, i move on. six reps, 255 pounds. again, no issues. till rep numero six. and NOT because of my back. see, mid-set, my left pec moved itself OUT of the wife beater. but not the WHOLE pec. just the nipple. which is pierced (as they both are). so, on the sixth rep, as the bar came down, i heard that “clink” of metal on metal. as in barbell to barbell. plus, the bar in a gym is COLD. now, if i touched ice to YOUR nipple, could you still push your body weight and then some away? (if you’re reading this at work, and female, probably best NOT to picture me touching ice to your nipple, huh? for what it’s worth, it’s a nice visual for me…or maybe candle wax? again, let’s move on…)

so, i managed through rep six, with no issues. then on to curls, tricep press, behind the neck press…ALL at full weight. with no issues. so far, so good. but why does the left nipple ALWAYS pop out? i swear, i HAVE to be uneven…but at least my back feels good.

figured i’d let y’all know…

(all i can gather of this next paragraph is that this is when i started harping on the thing that now appears as “blow stuff” on the side bar but on older bits was under a tab labeled “give till it hurts”)

since IF you go through with your donations, i ALWAYS reciprocate. it’s the least i can do…after all, with me being pierced, you might chip a tooth or two…so if you’re willing to take that risk JUST to help my creativity, i might as well return the favor. plus, i’d ENJOY it (tongue is pierced, too, ya know…and with good reason) and from what i’ve been told, i’m pretty good at it. okay, NOW i feel warm…

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yeah, red scorp, i know what you mean…dunno why that was in the original, but it was, and i re-run in their entirety…the only difference was on THIS one i added my own commentary about what i had written. as with all on this page, it’s all meant in good fun…

sean (still writing this slop) said @ 07/29/2003 09:20 AM CST

Um, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but unless you’re a woman courting a guy who has a thing about loyalty or chastity or whatever (yeah, you), um, well, advertising for ‘it’ is likely to produce the exact opposite result.

the scorpio redhead said @ 07/28/2003 09:39 PM CST

true enough, but still better than ga. who’s motto is”if she’s old enough to bleed, fuck her!”

shane said @ 07/28/2003 03:07 PM CST

yeah, shane, but this is also the state where it’s common to say, “boy…don’t you touch her!!! if she ain’t good enough for her own kin folk to nail she ain’t good enough for us!!!”

sean (i write this slop) said @ 07/28/2003 01:09 PM CST

i knew a girl in nashville who thought it was ridiculous that men got their nipples pierced because they always reminded her of “puppy titties” it doesn’t have anything to do with the entry, just thought i’d share.sorry, i’ve been going to meetings all weekend and it’s becoming a habit(sharing not meetings).

shane said @ 07/28/2003 01:01 PM CST

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