pointless patriotism

i get it…

…you love this country. okay, maybe not the current president, but you REALLY loved that last one. and all the people that know he actually won that stolen election. and so your company truck must let everyone know these colors don’t run…

don’t tread on me. come and take it. all that other bumper sticker shit that was on flags back when our country was great and the non-white, non-male, non-straight, non-christian fucks knew their proper place. you’re that guy. i get it.

but why the fuck did you have to spend the money to print the entire GETTYSBURG ADDRESS on the back of your fucking company truck?

and have you actually read it? because while i’m a big fan of what it says, i’m not sure the type of person to do this really feels that way? maybe i shoulda followed em and asked?

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