too done with it tuesday!

as of today i am FINALLY rona symptom free!

(okay, so this bit was written more than ten days ago when i still had a persistent cough but i’m hopeful this will prove true by the time you’re reading it)

UPDATE ON DAY OF POST – yep, back to myself!

but seriously – from being practically asymptomatic back around xmas when i got it to now where it just DIDN’T GO AWAY even after multiple negative tests, i gotta say they’re right…this new BA5 variable is no joke! before you decide to fight it with conventional weapons keep in mind that currently there are no vaccines or boosters that harm this fucker, although they supposedly do prevent you from getting any serious illness. that being said, i did the johnson & johnson one and done back in april of 2021…i wonder if i even still have any of that in my system?

i never did do the booster because just when i was going to i popped positive (xmas 2021) so i figured i now had the natural antibodies and had no reason to put more chemicals in me. then came this one, so now i REALLY feel i have no reason to pump more chemicals in me.

but my real condition is: (fill in with real condition if you remember before this posts)

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  • Kramer Jul 26, 2022 @ 11:56

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but have you ever, as long as I’ve known you, have you ever been “asymptomatic?”

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