i never did finish those projects (a throwback)

i like back when my life had enough going on i could just narrate it and get a bit…

…now i feel like most of the time i just sound like will ferrell at the beginning of “old school” when he’s talking about the “crazy day” of running to target, bed bath & beyond, and maybe home depot, but their might not be enough time. but prior this life, there was…

07/14/2002: “blowin’ cars, mowin’ in the rain, and lyle lovett (my weekend)”

saturday i got up early to repair the fence and try and prevent further neighbor “issues” between the couple that lives next to me and the couple of dogs that live WITH me…afterwards, i got changed into old clothes (okay, so just the nasty ones that i’d worn to work the friday lyle lovett show, but same difference at that point) and went out to mow the grass…but it was raining.

since i needed to make a san marcos wal-mart run to get some contacts and the $5.00 house mess solution (i’ll explain that last one in a sec) i said, “fuck it…maybe the rain will stop by the time i get back” and got in the car. well, i backed out half the length of my driveway and saw how little it was raining, judging off what was on my windshield, so i pulled right back in the carport, got out, and fired up the mower.

best mow of my life…if there is such a thing.

no dust. no sneezing. no grass stuck to my socks and shins…plus, it was cool the whole time. it started coming down harder and harder as the morning progressed, but i kept on mowing. understand my house sits on a little more that a third an acre, so my front yard is pretty big…but it got done. mowed, mulched, and thanks to the rain, watered. i’m just enough of a kid to enjoy playing in the rain, and just enough of an adult to enjoy gasoline fueled power tools, so this was a good combination for me. and as i rolled out to austin later (after one SERIOUSLY major shower) i could pass by my neighbors houses on the way down the street, scoff, and say out loud to myself, “they need to cut that shit”.

apparently mowing in the rain is not looked at as “sane”…but then again, neither am i. from now on, i plan on ONLY mowing in the rain.

then it was off to austin, with a quick detour by whole foods (for pills) and wal-mart for the aforementioned house cleaning aids…2mm thick contractor’s trash bags. they can hold ANYTHING and they’re HUGE. (yet don’t come with twist-ties or flaps..which was a bummer) i started going through the rooms in my house that are piled with stuff, disorganized, and generally needing attention before they get painted, re-floored, etc. i made four piles…

1. can’t do without it
2. CAN do without it
3. what the fuck is it?
4. might need it later

i then fill the huge-ass, thick-ass bags with piles two AND three AND four and put them out at the curb. problem solved. we’re on our way. i’m thinking i might take a week off at the beginning of august and just finish my house up…ya know, do more in five days than i’ve done in five months. i am SO sick of living in a half finished project, ya know?

so anyway, then it was off to work the second lyle lovett show (a man admired by women all over the state for keeping his hair THAT high in texas humidity). same set as before (and i believe every tour for the last three years) but a MUCH nicer night, climate-wise, and afterwards the saturday purple ritas at baby a’s with josh…ahh, some traditions just need not be broken.

sunday was reserved for seeing officer lance’s new house, and now ONE YEAR OLD daughter (who i’d never seen…pretty sad considering we all live in lockhart, huh?) plus of course kagan the wild child (who remembers me as “the guy with the big snake”..why can’t more women remember me that way?) and his calum-hated wife heather (plus, i put this page on their IE favorite’s list…and don’t worry, heather is WELL aware of the calum-dislike…i’ll tell you the story later it y’all really wanna hear it)

this weekend ALSO marked the end of my buddy shane’s car getting more action than me…yep, you no longer have to blow the pontiac sunfire to get it to fire up for you (sorry, ladies). and you should hear how shane planned to celebrate this little “milestone” in his year…..

“dude, i’m gonna go to the store and by a case of cold beer…like good shit. shiner or something. then i’m gonna pull my car up in the backyard, sit on the hood, and drink a beer. after i FINISH the beer, i’m gonna get in my car, and START IT. rev the engine a bit. then turn it off, plop back down on the hood, and drink ANOTHER beer. then get back in, and start it AGAIN. and keep going till all the beer is gone, starting it up between every round. i’m never gonna leave the house or anything, just enjoy the fact that i’m drunk off my ass, and able to start up my own car…”

party on, shane…

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well my plan for the car worked out
, but i wound up going with mickeys.


not shiner said @ 07/16/2002 05:03 PM GMT

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