guns 2 (electric boogaloo)

so, with all the ridiculousness going down with SCOTUS…

it almost got glossed over in my feed that there was some actual bipartisan gun legislation. while it doesn’t close the “gun show loophole” (which they really should as people like me who might sell a gun or two shouldn’t be expected to run background checks) it does close the “boyfriend loophole“, which i didn’t know was even a thing.

here’s a fun fact – they say that “federal law prohibits people convicted of domestic violence from purchasing a gun” but does it really? i mean, amongst the fifty or so questions you answer on an FFL form is the question “have you ever been convicted of domestic abuse or domestic violence?”, but if you tick “NO” and you have, you just broke the law…but have your gun. i’m just saying.

it supposedly makes it tougher for folks 18-21 to purchase shit, but you know they’ll find ways around that – they always do. it fell short, in my opinion, as i expected them to raise the age to twenty-one (hell, it happened for cigarettes, and we all know how much coin big tobacco lobbies with) and close the gun show loophole, which i think is the most glaring hole in the difference between “common sense gun law” and…well…whatever the fuck we have now would be called.

at least it’s a slight step in the right direction, so well done for the time being!

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