getting wet ‘n wild like it’s 1983 again

my shower project is finally complete!

since that last bit talked about projects from two decades ago that never got finished i figured i’d highlight one that recently did

i thought it was done with the tile, but then came the lighting issues. shower curtains rendered it too dark, and with the thing being solid ceramic tile a standard light fixture would be a nightmare, so i used stick on pool lights to no avail. i then swapped to two clear shower curtains to let in all the light i could and it was just no go. frameless glass doors tend to be free from frames but NOT free from leaks, so i went with an aluminum framed version which had the downside of shrinking the entrance but the upside of actually increasing the overall dimensions.

plus, the rain glass is just cool.

back in 1983 the shower started to leak and mom thought it was the shower door so she had it removed and put a curtain in. when she later found out said leak was the pan and would cost a couple hundred dollars to fix, she just started shoving brooms and mops and shit in there and started using our shower, and we became a one shower house until last year when i dug out the drain and got the tile replaced. while i’ve been using that shower ever since, i’ve been jonesing to get rid of those curtains in favor of a shower door to take it back to it’s early 80’s glory, and now we’ve done it!

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