now let’s never speak of it again (again)

as i type this i’m still hacking a decent amount with some drainage…

…but, damn it, my rona-pop says i’m okay!

this new strain definitely hit me harder than the original omicron variant. apparently it can get you just as easily whether you’re vaccinated or boosted or not, but “they” tell us that being so helps you avoid serious illness, because that’s what THEY want you to believe!

THEY = scientists and medical professional who do legitimately know what they fuck they’re talking about, by the way

so now i guess i’ll be immune to this one, at least for a while? i have to assume (hope?) that your body taking on a pathogen and defeating it means it now has the antibodies to do so again if called upon to do so? at least that’s my theory and i’m sticking to it.

it was interesting catching up with coworkers (six of us in the shop caught it at once, so we all have notes to compare) and one guy who claimed to be negative and, by his own statement, “covid proof” has now popped positive but is trying to act like it’s not a big deal and that he can beat it. he hasn’t been vaccinated. we’ll see how this goes. all the rest of us that caught it recently HAD been vaccinated and it still hit us pretty good. i typically have a three day incident and then i’m fine, but as of this writing (july 8, 2022) i’m on day ten and still hacking a bit.

good luck everybody!

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