guns & fetuses (you knew i’d take it there)

recently hbo aired a great two part special on george carlin…

…i’ve never met the man, but i did seem him live once. it was interesting.

it’s somewhere in annals of the whore that are lost to the ages, i think. but both kramer and josh thought i had met him before the show and pissed him off because the last half hour of his set was him dogging on white guys that shave their heads, guys who smoke cigars, and guys with tattoos, all culminating in a bit that people that died of cancer just maybe deserved it.

again, i’ve never met the man. it did upset ME enough that she drove back to SA instead of stay with me that night, so that kinda sucked.

but amongst the archival footage in that special was a bit he did about how conservatives care more about the pre-born than actual kids. i believe the line was something to the effect of, “if you’re pre-born, you’re goooooood…but if you’re pre-school? you’re fucked!”

never been more apparent than the back to back supreme court rulings recently, where on one day they basically said states don’t have the right to tell people they can’t carry guns (a well regulated militia, anyone?), but then the next day said states DID have the right to not allow women abortions, which is kinda bullshit.

i’m a bigger fan of giving men vasectomies (which are reversible) until they can prove they have the emotional and financial wherewithal to take care of a kid, and until then they’re not allowed to have them. shut down the problem at the source! i mean, if we’re saying life begins at conception does that mean i’m now only three months shy of my 52nd birthday? ’cause that’s not cool!

then there’s the gun thing. texas recently passed what’s laughingly referred to as “constitutional carry”, but again, the constitution, at least the gun part (that’s the second amendment, in case you’re curious) mentions a “well regulated militia” which people tend to conveniently forget. they wrote this in the document that sets up our goverment based on official elected “by the people, for the people” so it seems like said elected officials are constitutionally obligated to regulate. so when they don’t, technically, they are infringing on your second amendment rights, not the opposite as that guy in the “come and take it” shirt where the cannon is swapped out for an AR-15 would have you believe.

i’ll be curious to see where this all goes from here. apparently thomas is already talking about going after gay marriage and birth control next so this might get uglier before it gets prettier…

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  • Kramer Jul 4, 2022 @ 9:27

    One of our failings, you and me both, we always seem to underestimate the power of stupidity.

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