vid will not kill the radio star

oh, harriet, here we go again…

what’s kinda funny (not funny) is that i swear the one from the twenty-ninth wasn’t NEARLY that obvious when i took it! but what looked like a negative then definitely looks like a positive now. i took the second test for one simple reason…things felt like they got worse, and i was scheduled to go back into the shops on thursday, june 30th. but no fewer than SIX co-workers in the shop i worked in over the weekend had tested positive for it, including one that i insisted “just had to take a pull” off my reese’s peanut butter cup milkshake on monday, so it was no big surprise when i retested thursday and popped.

which explains my total lack of energy for most of wednesday.

this time around it seems to be hitting me a bit harder than it did previously, but that seems to be what’s to be expected. the new variations are called “BA4” and “BA5” which, whenever you put “BA” in front of something, i don’t think college degrees, i think what we all grew up knowing as “BA” if you were a guy in my generation…

but for now i’m on semi-house arrest. i have to add the “semi” because unless i’m feeling REALLY wiped out (which i kinda am this morning (jul 1) but i attribute that to getting up at 4am with the budnik and taking a while to crash back out) i have to leave the house at least once every twenty-four hours. i didn’t yesterday. but today i kinda feel obliged. it already sucks to miss out on a weekend worth of money when i know it’s gonna be somewhat busy, and i only say somewhat because even though the shop will probably be slammed, it will only be about half staffed.

we’ll see where this one takes us, i suppose.

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