i don’t rona right

my worst rona night (as of when i’m writing this on saturday morning) was friday night…

…that was when the cough got bad enough to destroy my sleep and my throat, but tone up my abs rather nicely. but i don’t think i rona’d right on friday.

i had spent a whopping ONE day at home with this shit. and that was enough for me. i got up at the ass crack of ten, got on a bike around eleven, and went for an hour bike ride. i came back, made lunch for everybody, and then got in the pool for an hour or so, then took a shower, poured a proper drink, and we all watched the end of stranger things. why all that? because if i’m gonna take the financial gut punch of missing a weekend at work, i might as well enjoy the fuck out of it, right?

but perhaps too much? the first big coughing attack came with my longest conversation (ME, who’s super concerned due to her history with this particular pathogen) and then later after everyone had gone to bed. after that, when i tried to bed down at about half past midnight, it was no go. there simply wasn’t a position that didn’t produce a coughing spasm. but a little tropical tasting herbal enhancement fixed that around 3:45 am and i was out till after nine.

there was really no change from saturday to sunday to monday. i also didn’t do any more of that physical activity, mainly because the coughing kept on as did a stuffy as head. by tuesday (yesterday) my voice was all but gone. i retested early and, while people tell me i need to be a more positive person, i don’t think they mean it like this:

that was tuesday (july 5th) morning, so we’ll re-test thursday and it BETTER be clear. i financially can’t take two weekends off. don’t give a fuck. i’ll wear a got damn hazmat suit. ME had me so worried about myself i bought a pulse oximeter and it even says i’m fine…

so me thinks it’s time for life to get back to my version of normal…

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