the blame game continues

who received the 911 call?

that’s the latest debate for the second worse school shooting in american history that took place a few hours from my home, one week before my kid left the public school system (as a student) for good. he might be returning as faculty in the fall, so this is still a topic we’re concerned about.

it’s not about doors. that was the last thing i’d heard from the ufc – that they were debating about how many doors a school should have, saying it should just be one. i guess whatever idiot thought of that hasn’t heard of the term “fire code” before. a whole school can not quickly exit through a single door. somebody’s gonna get burnt. badly. literally. and i mean “literally” in the actual sense of the word, not the newer context where it actually means the opposite.

by the way – we shouldn’t allow modern stupidity to redefine the english language. i get it – words that are now “trigger words” should be reigned in a bit because apparently words hurt. but so do AR rounds, and nobody seems to be in hurry to eliminate those from the curriculum.

a meme i’m dropping next week says it all – “if you think common sense gun reform violates the second amendment then your dumb ass hasn’t actually READ the second amendment”.

it’s true – while the founding fathers never could have envisioned an AR-15 for every home with lasers and red dots and 75 round drums and all – they could see one bit of the future. redneck dipshits. keep in mind the OG colonies did include virginia, georgia, and two carolinas. they HAD rednecks. they new that eventually they might multiply enough to make a difference. that’s why they wrote into the second amendment the phrase “a WELL REGULATED MILITIA“. and who do you think is supposed to regulate said militia? well, the officials the people duly elected to represent them, of course. so, sadly, the ball is legitimately in congress’ court.

and they’re failing. dramatically.

which is no really big surprise – the NRA pays them really well to fail at this kinda shit. the norm:

i remember after parkland the media was all about those kids and their bus tour and how now the anti-gun legislation now had faces and voices and “we call B.S.!” which has to be one of the most ludicrous catch phrases possibly ever. and where are they now? having to google it, aren’t you? ya know why – because they couldn’t outspend the NRA, so didn’t shit happen.

hey legislators- your job is to make laws, and reform policy. to change society for the better. you are not philosophers nor clergy so neither your thoughts nor your prayers mean shit to any of us. do your fucking job, close the gun show loophole, and maybe bump the purchase of ALL firearms to twenty-one. and jail a parent or two when they fuck up raising their kids this dramatically.

also, the mentally ill shouldn’t be able to own guns. period. you don’t let blind people enjoy the the giddy thrill of driving a ferrari – maybe the violently psychotic shouldn’t have the right to own an ak-47. common sense needs to start being more common.

and to law enforcement, why is it the rare black or brown shooter is never on trial because you shot em, but all the white boys make it out alive?

let’s see what the next few weeks bring. who they’ll blame next. me? i’m gonna blame the cops that literally sat outside the classroom door, locked and loaded, but didn’t have the fucking balls to kick the door in and kill the shooter. any of my friends that dare to bring up that “…good guy with a gun” line is gonna get that thrown in their face quick fast in a hurry.

the trumpian party is failing – time for them to all retire to florida where they clearly are welcomed and let the rest of the country evolve with the rest of the world.

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