makes ya wonder (or at least it made me…)

across the street from the oldest convenience store in mustang ridge, texas there’s been some construction of late…

…and there’s a sign letting you know what’s coming i thought was “bit worthy”:

what’s funny is the original store, which i swear has been there at least forty years, now also has liquor and a nail salon…not sure about the “deli” part, but i also don’t know if i’d trust meat and cheese from such an establishment.

i didn’t find it bit worthy because they misspelled “coming”, although that definitely adds to it. no, it was the fact they labeled it a “mini truck stop” which made me wonder if it was a smaller version of a giant truck stop…

…or a truck stop specifically for these kinda guys…

i’m really hoping it’s the latter, which means (with my luck) it’s more the former.

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