the invisible line

monday i was a victim of both mass advertising and covid related bullshit…

…and NO, i ain’t got the ‘rona again.

last week, as i drove around from shop to shop, i kept seeing billboards for jersey mike’s sandwich shop. the design is apparently pretty new as i couldn’t find it on google, but it basically has three sandwiches sliced open so you just see the layers of meat, cheese, and veggies. this is the shop that cuts the meat and cheese onto your bread, it’s not pre-sliced, so it’s a bit more “fresh” as far as that goes. i’m a fan. and after the third billboard sighting while doing shop runs, i was more than just a fan – i was having a craving.

so i popped into the one by the shop on monday, around 12:15, and was shocked to see no line.

“we’ll be with you in a few minutes”, the guy called out, and proceeded to furiously make sandwiches. i looked on the prep counter to see at least a dozen tickets. it was all to go shit – door dash, online orders, postmates, etc, etc. i was thirteenth in line in an empty shop. i literally had to wait fifteen minutes before i could order, all the while with nobody else walking in.

that’s bullshit.

i get that they’re technically ahead of me, but moreover they’re technically NOT THERE. slap my sandwich together in the middle of this insanity. so the über eats motherfucker waits two minutes for the order to complete. no biggie. i’ve seen co-workers wait on food orders – not a damn soul is gonna sweat two minutes. twenty, sure. but not two. i’m RIGHT HERE – feed me, god damn it!

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  • Kramer Jun 8, 2022 @ 12:40

    You’re not pretty when you’re hungry.

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