get in the zone

no, this isn’t about sports or an auto parts store…

…this is about the one time we shut jake dyson up in an ad:

the dyson zone is apparently mediocre (at best) headphones coupled with an air purification system designed to make you breathe cleaner air all while listening to your favorite tunes in lackluster sound quality. surprisingly under development since BEFORE the pandemic, this air purifier con tuneage comes out this fall and i’m sure will cost several hundred bucks because it says “dyson” on it.

(at this point i will happily admit to owning two dyson vacs, both a pet and a hand held, and being quite happy with both)

with people starting to venture out for the first time in a couple years i’m sure social anxiety will be a bit more common than it previously was. now you can slap something on your head to clean the air, block the noise, and virtually guarantee nobody will try to interact with you!

hot damn, this might be the most 2022 of 2022 products on the market!

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