i’m sure part i is around here somewhere (a flashback)

yep, gotta love sequels…

…especially when they haven’t seen the light of day in twenty years!

04/15/2002: “the sa essay, part ii”

so, a few things i learned about the alamo city on day two…

a. every major freeway connects directly to every OTHER major freeway, which is very, VERY cool after two fishbowl sized margaritas.

b. don’t trust kimberly, the little hottie porn star in training, to call you when she says she will, since she’s apparently practicing up the flakey part of her planned profession and therefore will leave you high and dry on promises of keeping your mood up and your attention distracted as you reel around san antonio.

c. people’s attitude to losing their job and store really varies depending on what part of town you’re in, but the universal plan seemed to be bailing as early as possible, so i only went 9 for 10 yesterday, with the over all score needing to hit 20, so this will be short so i can get my puppies some food before i get back on the road…

the saddest thing i saw yesterday? the look in this one mans eye out in the parking lot of one of the albertsons stores. he wasn’t a former al employee; he had a job, and was doing it. he was a pole. i don’t mean he was polish, although i guess he could have been. he was a sign pole. a new subdivision was having a promotion a few blocks from where i was doing the system pull, and this guy had a giant arrow strapped to his chest pointing the way.

overall, not a bad gig. you’re out in the sun (although that thick strap around your neck probably gives you one hell of a tan line); you’re in marketing (sorta); and everyone will remember your face, but you never have to deal with them directly…kinda like being on TV.

but this man’s eyes looked distant. hollow. like that look you get when you settle down from being single to that one special someone and you go around to tell the “runners-up” that you’ve found your soul mate and they’re NOT it…that look in the eye of someone who has it already set in their eyes that they have been ultimately cast aside and replaced. and on my way out, i could look over his shoulder and see what was in his gaze, making him feel so very replaceable…

home depot. fresh-cut lumber. fence posts.

boy, relax. if they were gonna use a hunk of dead tree to hold up that arrow, it would have been sunk into the ground and staple-gunned by now; kinda like that guy who pissed me off the other day (did i say that out loud? i am SO kidding; but i realized that phrase reeked of a certain mafia “swim with the fishes” vibe)

so now it’s back to sa; if you see a big, obnoxious, long-haired, tattooed up white boy in a big, not so obnoxious, not long-haired, not tattooed up white trail blazer around your neck of the woods in sa, than that would be me…

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