d8 nït ain’t for you

as a white guy in my fifties i am expected to, in a desperate attempt to cling to my younger years or what have you, borrow heavily from the culture of the generation (or two that follow me)…

…ya know, by worrying about what i wear working for them (i could care less), having a tiktok account (will never happen), and maybe even going after some of the same music (we do cross there a bit), or social trends.

and it’s that last one i feel they borrow from us.

“date night”, as i understand it, is a social construct for married couples to get out and enjoy their past, childless existence. dinner, happy hour, a movie, a show…something to remind them that despite the mortgage, the kids, and all the after school shuttling, they, like their marriage, still have a pulse.

now that ours is eighteen i feel we should be doing it more often since, hey – you’re an adult…get your own life. but i appear to be alone in that stance lately.

but i constantly see my twenty and thirty something year old NON-MARRIED co-workers going out with their significant others, posting shit on social media, and calling it “date night”. folks, you’re DATING. any time you go out, and it’s in the evening or NIGHT time, it’s “DATE NIGHT”.

for that matter, how do you go out, as a childless dating couple, and it NOT be a “date night”?

look, as child raising, tax paying, mortgage holding adults we don’t get the freedom to just come and go as we please. throw pets in the mix and even when you have your kid with you, you sometimes have to hire folks to watch the furry kids at home. you younger childless fucks don’t have to deal with this…don’t think you can claim “date night”, too. don’t claim to even IDENTIFY it as “date night”. you’re dating. you’re out. we get it. but you have to put in some time and EARN the right to call it “date night”.

don’t take our thing.

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  • Kramer Apr 19, 2022 @ 13:21

    Netflix and chill?

    But if you’re in your 50s, the math ain’t working, as I’m only 39….

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