phuk it, we’re doing it live (the last whiskey wednesday bit)

i should clarify – when i say “the last…” i just mean for 2022, not for good…

…like this is a habit that’ll die. keep in mind, i was gonna go to either ireland or cuba for my 50th to indulge one of my vices (whiskey or cigars, respectively) but then came ‘rona and we did a lovely trip to vegas instead.

moving on…

here are the last two weeks for whiskey wednesday 2022, weeks four and five, kicking of with:

teeling small batch irish whiskey

this is a blend of malt and grain whiskey finished in central american rum casks which would hint it might be sweet, but it’s not. the fact that it’s a blend of two types of whiskey and finished in a third type of booze barrel would tell me each small batch might vary a bit, and this one definitely had a distinct, all be it hard to nail down, flavor. not that that’s bad, per se, but it definitely announces itself early and stays for the party. it clocks in at 46% abv, or ninety-two proof, but you certainly don’t taste any bite to it.

bunratty irish whiskey

i have found, through copious trial and error, that the sweet spot for me on irish whiskey potency tends to be around 43% abv, or eighty-six proof. this hits that mark, and again is a blend of malt and grain irish whiskey but this time it makes it’s way through not one, not two, but THREE different kinds of casks (i.e. storage barrels) in the process of maturation – first bourbon, then sherry, and finally virgin oak. it does have a hint o’ wood as a result, but it’s not without its charm. i’ve been pretty happy with all the whiskeys this year…can’t wait to see what we do for 2023!

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