the slap heard ’round the world

i had another topic planned for today…

…and then the oscars happened.

there is, of course, all kinds of theories circulating. chris didn’t try to run or strike back – was it staged? was he just that stunned? has he been out of the hood so long his head ain’t on swivel any more? i don’t think it was staged, i do think he as just as stunned as the rest of us, and yeah, he has been out of bed-stuy for a bit.

i’ll be curious to see how this all plays out. will smith went on to win the oscar a few moments later, and he was very apologetic of his behavior in his speech, apologizing to everybody shy of you, me, and the man he hit, chris rock. people like to point out that smith played ali, and could have knocked rock to the ground versus the seminal “love tap” he got, but that movie was over twenty-one years ago. that cinema is old enough to drink on it’s own. not that bill will ain’t in shape, but he’s not where he was when that movie came out. i’m just sayin’.

plus chris rock was bullied relentlessly in the predominantly white schools he was bused to as a kid – he can take a punch. we’ll never know quite how hard that hit was, but he could take it regardless. i guarantee it.

neither camp has done any press as of this writing, and i’ll be curious what they each have to say. there are COUNTLESS theories behind it other than “will went crazy” although i’m sure that’s on the list. i think a man just stepped up to defend his wife, as he should, but when you’re in the public eye and front and center at a global event AND the comedian on stage not only can see you, but knows you…

…you might be the butt of the joke. and you know this. and, as a celebrity, you kinda sign up for this. so learn to let shit go.

oh, and the post running the pic with the headline “best smacktor” wins my vote for best way to bring it on home.

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