all lube, still rapey

if the oil companies were cartoon soldiers…

fucking seriously.

to reiterate a point, trump accomplished so little in his presidency in reality that he liked to take credit for shit he had nothing to do with. the most famous example i always remember was him standing in an apple factory, in austin, texas, using it as an example of how his administration was “bringing jobs to this country!”, even though said facility had been open for five years, and was opened during obama’s presidency, and wasn’t hiring at the time (true).

why didn’t obama take credit? because the president didn’t have shit to do with it!

so, since pendulums swing both ways, if one president took credit for shit he didn’t do, the others should get blamed for shit they have zero control over, right? like, ya know, gas prices.

which, guess what? he DIDN’T do that! technically, he can’t. ya know who can? OIL COMPANIES. the last time oil was at this price, gas was a dollar a gallon cheaper. the only reason it’s NOT is because the oil companies know they can rape the global economy and we’ll take it, just like we did fifteen or so years ago. i did a bit back then about how the oil companies, when gas was last outlandish, were posting the biggest profits in the history of corporate profits being tracked. the fact they had record-breaking profits while we had record-breaking pump pricing was no coincidence – it was them orchestrating a major cash grab.

and if you think agent orange woulda bent away from the oil company whims let’s not forget he opened up national parks and the fuckin’ OCEAN to them for drilling, with the exception of the coast off florida where his home is because he wants to see the money, but not the destruction.

so place blame where it’s due – and it’s not due at 1600 pen ave!

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