oh HAIL no!

i’m 99.9999% sure i’ve used this title before…

…and if not, i’m a little ashamed of myself!

last night we had two storms hit. the “big one” was supposed to be in the early evening, had a bit of rain and wind, and was accompanied by the longest siren i’ve ever heard in my life (lockhart has a series of air-raid-type sirens that go off when a tornado is approaching the town from any angle and apparently one to the south was heading this way but didn’t make it, thankfully)

those kinda storms don’t fuck around!

i had no idea we were in for a round two, but it came later in the evening just as i was getting ready to go to bed and came with the longest hail storm i’ve ever heard/seen/experienced at around twenty to thirty minutes of strait pea-sized ice pelting. in the first storm i saw (literally) two marble sized pieces, one of which hit my car cover and one that landed about six feet from it. this was relentless enough to set off my car alarm at just before midnight (through the car cover) and trip all eight of the bright ass motion sensor LEDs i put out in the back yard for the dogs.

in a word, it was “bad”.

but to my shock and amazement there was nary a ding on the ride when i peeled the cover off this morning, but worrying about it (coupled with the dogs not going out before i went to bed due to the storm so budnik woke me at 4am with a need to go out) meant i slept like shit and am basically useless today. but at least i ain’t calling body shops!

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