quick and painless and never repeated?

it always amazes me when i find old bit that have, somehow, avoided being a repeat bit for literally twenty years…

…not that this one is spectacularly entertaining. pharr from, actually.

(i did that on purpose and it’ll make sense as you keep reading)

but yet, here we are, with a first time repeater called…

03/18/2002: “well, at least we had nice weather….”

just over 1,000 miles in just over 36 hours…and keep in mind that eight of those hours were eaten alive by much needed sleep (after THE longest hotel-room quest i’ve ever been on….it took almost two hours just to find an available room) and a rather nice breakfast (with the exception of the mexican national woman who hovered so closely over me and phillipe as we picked out food that on two separate, non-intentional occasions, we elbowed her just by moving…but it didn’t seem to phase her…scary). all in all, a LONG weekend…and a long work week ahead. i still have to close out all the sxsw wristband accounts and settle them up (they left ’em for me to do on monday…wasn’t that nice??) i have to help in our moving efforts (star tickets leaves downtown for west austin in the coming weeks), and i have to go see what damage that magical combination of uttm and drunken rednecks has done to my precious cabling at the expo center to ready it for ice bats playoffs, which begin this friday. so, if the postings seems a bit scarce the next few days (which would suck, ’cause as luck would have it, this weekend DID produce a story or two) don’t take it personal. to answer one particularly special readers question (well, one of her many…can’t beat that intellectual/inquisitive/beautiful combo punch) highway 281 out of SA will take you almost all the way to mexico if you let it. it dead ends in pharr, texas…which is FAR from SA..i should know. i was standing in both at separate times on saturday…

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