dead shit and old shit (whiskey wednesday weeks two and three)

since we didn’t do a bit LAST wednesday, since that’s just how the bit calendar fell, we’ll make up for it this week…

the dead rabbit irish whiskey

clocking in at a slightly more tame than the last whiskey eighty-eight proof, the dead rabbit is pretty dead delicious. good flavor, full body, and enough bite to know you’ve “crossed the line” (i.e. gone above the standard 80 proof, or 40% abv) but not enough to really fuck with you. a solid blend of single malt and blended, it impressed me out of the gate.

bushmill’s single malt 10 year

i was excited about this one when i guess i shouldn’t have been. bushmill’s and jameson will always be the coke and pepsi of irish whiskeys to me. the to biggies. if somebody likes whiskey, particularly irish whiskey, they usually are a big fan of one or the other, but typically not both. i’m more bushmill’s (thanks, johh mark). for eighty proof whiskey it is smooth as butter and easy drinking, and catches you a little on the back end in all the right ways. i genuinely thought it was higher octane than that but checking the bottle it’s not, just sneaks up on you due to its smoothness. i was excited to see this on the shelf, but it turns out, i guess, it was just a repackaging of this one:

which is ALMOST what i toasted saving the house back in 2009 with, but i had instead opted a notch higher with this:

which apparently has been repackaged like this now:

which is all sorts of pretty, although i’m still not sure what you do with all that packaging. i guess at a solid bill price point you have to make sure your presentation is just right? at that price i’m not sure if that one will ever make a “whiskey wednesday bit”, but we’ll see!

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