enough wood concave to make 80’s skateboard designers proud!

well, it’s done…

…okay, just pretty much done. that’s why i’m not posting pics just yet.

the last section of side yard fence presented some unique challenges. plumbing that was recently run through there. dead pets that date back to the 90’s. and trees. lots and lots of trees. and, more importantly to the project, tree roots. really fucking big ones. this is technically week four for this motherfucker.

five fence post holes had to be dug, and the first one went off relatively hitch-free. i mean, i hit some underground concrete, but just moved six inches off and was done in five minutes. literally five minutes. went to do the second one, after trying to get placement right, and hit root. big root. ripped the machine out of my hands and fucked up my wrist root.

needless to say that hole ain’t as deep as it probably should be. part of the trick of this was i built it a couple feet in FRONT of the old fence, so that way the dogs could still be free to wander through this whole process as i thought it might drag out. fuck if i wasn’t right!

week two we had some guys over to do the patio door. i was planning on doing it while they were here, but they ended up needing some assistance here and there and the job that was supposed to take four hours took closer to six. the next day i at least got the other three fence post holes dug and the posts dropped, which was a cluster fuck. the first one had the potential to unearth dead pets, but it didn’t (thankfully). the second one could also hit a pet, or an underground pipe, but i got around both it just meant the post was in an odd place. finally, the third one i hit some major roots from a big tree about eight inches down, so veered off a bit and made it work.

week three was shit weather, but we covered that.

finally, this last week, it was on. i got all the main segments done, and have plans on how i’ll finish the trim around the gate, then chop the posts and put the light toppers on. due to the odd post placement the fence literally curves around trees. it’s kinda cool when you realize it was on purpose. i worked more wood concave than fucking skateboard companies in the 80’s. fun fact – weather treated wood warps really fucking easily…so the stuff i’ve had in storage was anything but straight, so i went with it. hell, the shit i put together back in december is already warping to hell so i’m adding extra bracing to it next week. then, finally, it’s done. well, the new shit is. i still have to pull apart the old fence so you can even see the new fence from the yard, but that’s all for next week. somehow i strained my back at work and still pushed through two pretty long days in really pretty spring weather that has left me sunburned and just beat the fuck down.

we’ll see how i feel this week – i’d love to get this shit finished once and for all!

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