know when to hold, fold em, or trade em?

so, i don’t know if i’ve ever brought this up…

…but i started dabbling in the market back during the months the shop was closed for CoVid back in 2020. under the advice of a trusted financial advisor (the UFC) i didn’t put in more than i was willing to lose, and i just did it with what was leftover from a stimulus check i wasn’t sure how to spend – $300.

i never noticed until recently that the bulk of it (just over $250) was spent on five stocks that say, to shorten the lengthy description, that you’re supposed to flip em pretty quickly versus sitting on them for years as a long term investment. i have sat on em for almost two years. why? because i bought them at just over $50 a share, but they were worth four figures each just a few months before pre-CoVid. but with this ukraine thing they have been going up and down a LOT, recently reaching almost three times what i paid for em, then plummeting almost a bill after biden announced there was no more russian oil imports (while they are oil, they’re not russian…at least i don’t think?)

well, as of this writing we’re back to over eight hundred bucks (with two hours of trading still left today). i’ll see how i feel tomorrow. sadly, it’ll all just go to bills anyway, and i know they take a commission, i’m just not sure how much. i wish i watched this closer – i know my crypto stock was worth a LOT more than it is now, and i should have unloaded that a year ago. i’ll probably sell it at some point and just cash out.

before the “no russian oil” announcement:

then came the press conference…

stupid FCOJ crop report!

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