i had to choose? (a twenty year old flashback)

so this was a shock:

there were two perfectly aged bits for today. TWO. and neither of them had been used! the first mentioned ME, who i’m still unsure of. last news i heard was almost two weeks ago, and sounded positive but slow moving. this weeks inquiry into her condition was read but not replied to, so i literally got nothin’ on that. so, for now, flashbacks to a time at the beach…

03/04/2002: “nuggets”

“i can predict the weather with my toenails…” so said kramer, on our way to dinner. to DINNER. kinda reminds me of back when my mom was alive. she used to have everybody asking her how she was, what the doctors had said, what they were doing, etc. as a result, she went into exhausting (nauseating) detail of various medical procedures i DIDN’T need to hear about; but did. often. and they always seemed to call her (and thus i had to sit through the stories) while i ate. NOT cool; but excellent for dieting.

why is it, we go to corpus, and stay at a condo that is SO close to the gulf, that one time i flicked a beer cap off the balcony and actually hit SURF. yes, THAT damn close…but we had NO water pressure in the shower or anywhere else. i live over 200 miles from the ocean, and have kick-ass water pressure (my house was done before all that water conversation stuff). and thanks to a trip to lowe’s earlier, the water can actually be HOT again, if i so choose….cool, huh?

last night i went and got my tribal texas tattoo re-done and re-colored. i’ve needed to have it done for about, oh, SIX years now; and could never coordinate with the artist who originally did it to get it done…and get the white (as i originally wanted) put in. so, yesterday being texas independence day, and me having nothing to do, i went and had it done. i learned that getting ink done on cold skin (the heater at the studio was on the fritz) REALLY stings more than you would expect (but once you’ve been worked on long enough to warm up it’s not too bad). i also learned (on the subsequent run to the bar down the street) that my left arm gets touched by stranger a LOT more than i would have guessed. of course, anytime i get inked or pierced, i notice that i get touched more there; with the exception of TWO certain piercings, but never mind that now. laugh out loud moment? when a.j. (an apprentice at sharp things) commented, “this weather is so unfair to us smokers…when you’re outside, you don’t know when to stop exhaling….”

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