rocket fuel in a tube (whiskey wednesday, week 1)

it’s that time of year again!

time for me to stock up for april!

what that means is, i buy a different whiskey and drink it for a week, but seldom finish the bottle. whatever is left is deposited on my bar at the house, and sits until i drink it. but the next week, in march, i get another bottle.

so a good chunk of april is spent killing off the whiskey from march.

all the whiskey wednesday drinks are enjoyed late afternoon with nothing in the glass but whiskey and ice. fuck all of y’all who bitch about the purity with the ice thing – warm booze is nasty.

the full name of this week’s offering is “lord lieutenant kinahan’s ten year old single malt irish whiskey”. i’ll try not to get something so long in title next time. it’s definitely got a distinct flavor, but i’m not sure if that’s really a good thing. i could, after trying it, pick it out of the lineup, taste-wise. and bite. it is NOT lacking in bite. part of that is, despite it being aged ten years (which tends to mellow this sort of thing), it still clocks in at forty-six (46) percent abv, or ninety-two proof, as compared to more “standard” hooch, which is eighty proof.

and man, you taste it. even after the ice started to melt (which i think this stuff actually melted it faster) it still had some sting on it. but in a good way.

surprisingly i didn’t really catch much of a buzz off this stuff, which is surprising given it’s octane rating. online i saw it going from anywhere from $60 to $180 (i think those last guys price off length of title) but i paid less than fifty locally. it also, for reasons i’ll never get, comes in a tube. i guess that’s so they have more printable space than a label? i always feel like i’m supposed to save those fucking things but i don’t know why. totally worth it for fifty or sixty bucks, muthaphuk that $180 shite.

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