they gotta spell your name to spell it right

so, i don’t know how i feel about a recent event…

…a “celebrity” (no name mentioned and it’s in quotes because i had never heard of her before this) brought her kid into the shop to get a piercing done for her birthday. while my homie who pierced her has a strict rule against videoing him working (still photos are allowed, just no flash) the “celebri-mom” still recorded video and uploaded it.

next thing you know i’m getting sent links to tmz and other rags with interior shots of our shop, but all taken where you can’t really identify the staff and even though she posed in front of a eighteen foot neon sign the shot is framed where our name isn’t in it at all.

i’m not sure how i feel about that. i don’t think it would be bad publicity?

most of the debate is about whether or not said “famous person” should have gotten their kids septum pierced for their thirteenth birthday. while both she and her kid seem elated with the whole thing (which is ultimately our goal) i’d like to share my view on this:

first off, let’s look at the person we’re speaking of. she got into the public eye via the mtv show “sixteen and pregnant” and apparently had said child while said show was being filmed (probably making her the youngest mtv personality, i’d wager). her kid is now thirteen and PIERCED, not sixteen and PREGNANT, which is both more socially acceptable and more morally sound.

secondly, she was PIERCED, not tattooed, since the latter would be illegal in texas, and permanent – a septum piercing is not. and thirdly, of all the piercings we can do on a minor, a septum is one of very few that would leave ZERO visible scarring once removed since the piercing is up inside the nose and not actually visible to anyone looking at her. if anything, this is MORE responsible than, say, getting ears pierced at the mall as piercing guns do horrible tissue trauma and can leave a visible scar. ain’t nobody getting all up in this girls nose to see a scar. period.

the nice thing is, per typical for folks this minor on the celebrity scale, the internet has moved on. shit, last night we were the first post on the tmz instagram feed, now we’re not even on it. sure, the sun and some other hollywood gossip rags are still droning on about how irresponsible a teen mom she is (and the mom was a mom in her teens and is now barely thirty so cut her some slack) but i’m hoping our staff can move on now as well. they never mentioned us or the piercer by name, so we have nothing to lose or gain here i suppose.

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