purple haze, all in my brain (a throwback)

despite the original title, it honestly wasn’t that ugly as i recall…

ugly friday

by sean ~ April 28th, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized.

you know what i learned tonight?

there is no secret in how to handle baby a’s booze.

no “best practices” as they like to say at work.

you either CAN hang, or you can’t hang.

i can hang.

the fact that this entry is being typed after i drove home from one of the more northern branches shows that yes, virginia, i can hang.

but in my household? i think i might be solo in that regard.

it’s scary because of how i view things…

yeah, i’m irish. yeah, i weigh over two bills (although i am desperately trying to change that – but not so desperately as to slow down the boozing – at least not while my life is going the way it is). but you know what? i didn’t start drinking until i was almost twenty-eight. that’s right, fuckers – almost twenty-EIGHT. that’s at least fourteen years older than most of you started – twelve years more than someone who was a prude about it. hell, spot me the difference and from an alcoholic standpoint i’m not even legal age, since the average fucker started at the age of fourteen or so, that would make me damn near twenty-one (or to make it safe, twenty-two). hell, even if you spot me 15% for the weight (and fuck every last one of you who does) and another 5% for the age and wisdom (making myself out to be intellectual with that last bit) i still clock in at barely twenty-four as far as alcohol tolerance…how were you at that age???

me? i drank four purples from baby a’s (viva la non-caring waitstaff!!!) and still drove us home safely, thank you very fucking much.

(not that my passenger was in as good of shape after trying to hang round for round with the slightly lighter strawberry variety, but never mind that now)

so, here i am. it’s friday…it’s 10:00. and i am far from sober, but far from a menace on the streets…but i AM on babysitting detail for the rest of the evening, i figure.

so, there we are.

(does it make me too domestic that i’m praying for clouds but no rain tomorrow so i can mow my grass? just checking…)

hope all is well in your world. there’s no point to this entry what so ever. but, i am trying to have no more than one empty day per week between ME’s b-day an mine, and i think i’ve done it so far, so there we are…

…and now, it’s nap time.

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