only corona for your rona?

we all have friends that are anti-vax…

…but few and far between are the friends that are anti-weed or anti-booze, let alone both. but now in canada you’d better be all three, because the government controls the weed dispensaries and the liquor stores, and one province just passed a law that you can’t go into those government run spots unless you can show proof of vaccination.

when this law passed they saw a SIX HUNDRED PERCENT increase in people getting the vaccine.

now THAT’S a vaccine drive!

you can still buy beer or wine at regular convenience and grocery stores (now the title makes sense, don’t it?) but if you want the good stuff, be it smokable or drinkable you gotta play the government game.

needless to say that would never fly here. shit, i’m waiting till the tale end of the month to get my booster for the dual reasons of…

1. i just had it, so my body’s still rocking antibodies, i guarantee it

2. we have tickets to see patton oswalt at the paramount and they require a shot within two weeks prior to the show OR a test, but it has to be the kind you register for so they can see a name on it. i think that last part is some bullshit, but knowing how the people against vaccines can be, i get it.

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