this is DQ (in the) country

it’s amazing how colloquial restaurant menus are…

…even with fast food.

for instance, back in the day, i suggested to alex (the gf from 2004-2007) that we go to dairy queen for dinner and she looked at me like i was stupid. because she was into a healthier lifestyle? oh, HELL no. it was because in florida, or at least the miami part of it, dairy queen doesn’t serve actual food – just ice cream. they’re where you go on a hot day, not a hot date. they’re the AFTER dinner spot, not the ACTUAL dinner spot.

we typically eat there once a week, but we’re kinda divided from even the rest of texas. see, in lockhart, we have what’s called the “Mayfield DQ”, which is just the name of a local franchise chunk. that being said, there are slight differences, not always in our favor. for example, this past summer, they made a girl scout thin mint blizzard (their desert where they mix candy, cookies, and ice cream into a cup of calorie laden sludge – it’s delicious!) but the ones around here (mayfield) ran out by the end of august.

but when we were in san marcos i could still get one – because that one isn’t owned by mayfield.

but mayfield is slowly taking over the area – the new one in southpark meadows is owned by them, as is the new one by our 183 Atomic. and the one by the Burnet Road Atomic (my weekend home) has always been one. but the original one in lockhart (alright, the SECOND one – the original, which was diagonal from our library, and still in operation after i got out of high school, is now a chicken joint) has something apparently NO other dairy queen has:

the frisco burger

now, they don’t ALWAYS have it. it’s a strictly fall/winter thing. but it should be – it’s a DQ hunger buster with chili, cheese, onions, and mustard. that’s it. but that else do you need? a couple shreds of lettuce to give the delusion of health food? bitch, please. this is cold weather crack right here.

but if you google “frisco burger dairy queen” you get a single article about the burger’s seasonal return to the lockhart DQ (now that we only have one – we had through my childhood as i mentioned) and reviews of the DQ in frisco, texas. and that’s it.

i once went to the one on burnet road since it’s a five minute walk from the shop and they’d never heard of it. neither had the one in round rock (not a mayfield one). i don’t know where the name came from, but apparently unlike our bar-b-que, that has now spread beyond our borders, this burger is all us. so now you have something new to try next time you’re around!

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