a couple years late to the party

the other day the ufc told me about something i found to be “bit worthy”…

…it was a MAGA Hat Safety App. not it’s name, but its purpose.

when an idea for a bit strikes i give myself notes on my phone and then later research, read up, and write this slop to entertain you good people. but this time, when i went and investigated my shit, i found that all this was literally two year old news (almost three), having all happened in the spring of 2019.

but it’s still an interesting concept, and i wonder “where they are now”.

i predicted (inaccurately) that after trump lost the 2020 election (that one i called) that nobody would claim to have supported for him, voted for him, etc. that they would all quietly ditch their paraphernalia in shame, pretend it never happened, and move on to the next redneck fad, probably having to do with WWE or NASCAR. who knew i’d be so far off?

top pic, jan 6th insurrection, bottom pic recent (as in the last few months) rally

i do wonder, with the q/dallas bullshit and all the “stop the steal” no proof bullshit if they still rock the hat when they’re not going to a rally or what have you. when you think about it, klansman are very passionate about their beliefs and stances on shit and yet they don’t rock the robe or hood when they’re hitting walgreen’s on a tuesday – they only wear it when they fucking KNOW they will be surrounded by like minded (and attired) folks. i wonder if the MAGA crowd is the same way nowadays? lying in wait, sleeper cell style?

sadly all i can count on these days is the words of michael cohen, his former lawyer and “fixer” who was the guy who had to cut the checks to the hookers and such. he says he’d never run again because his ego couldn’t take the hit of losing. there is a presidential precedent for skipping a year and coming back – grover cleveland was president from 1885-89, lost his reelection bid to harrison in 1889, but came back in 1893 to take it again.

so yes, folks, it has happened.

of course, there were some key differences. firstly, cleveland won the popular vote in both elections he won AND the one in between when he lost. trump has yet to win the popular vote – he’s 0 for 2. secondly, cleveland was only sixty-two the SECOND time he was elected. trump was the oldest president to get sworn in prior to biden, and should he win in 2024 (i just threw up in my mouth a little typing that) he’ll take that record again (trump was 71 at his inauguration, biden 77, but he’d be 79 in january of 2025). but in my opinion, just for trying to overthrow american democracy, he should never be allowed to run for HOA president in his ritzy florida neighborhood, let alone run for actual president again.

so, when’s the last time you’ve spotted the hat?

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