unemployed rambling (a flashback)

so, BOTH perfectly aged bits were already in use from today…

…so the fat cow fuck up stick from 2008 yielded this;

10/16/2003: “my definition is this…”
so, here’s the way i see it…

many people will tell you that the “true” definition of insanity is “repeating the exact same actions, over and over again, under the exact same circumstances, but expecting it you yield varying results.”

to this, i disagree.

i used to agree. but then i started dating. once you deal with the opposite sex you realize that we all have to be insane from time to time. it’s called a “relationship”. and now what used to be called “insanity” now must be called “interacting”. or “having a meaningful dialog”.

but circumstantially, i think i’ve found one that fits my day-to-day existence…

the true definition of insanity for me these days is dozens of resumes being sent out, zero responses, and worst of all NO CABLE. it can all be placated by a simple flick of the remote button typically, and now it’s no go. no es bueno. so here’s to hoping my interview mañana before i go grab my passes for shiner bocktoberfest and head off to journal con on friday goes well. it IS with the comedy club, so let’s see how it plays out. hopefully this one will have a happy “punch line” at the end, and the joke won’t be ON me.

and if not?

then i get to slowly go insane with only one channel of tv to stare blankly at for days at a stretch…but at least, thanks to the whore, you all get to watch it happen, right? maybe i’ll drag in cameras and put it on pay-per-view. that way we can pay off time warner and give me HUNDREDS of channels of NOTHING to watch instead of just one…

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“only the insane have the strength to prosper ~ only those that prosper truly judge what is sane.”

(or something like that) said @ 10/16/2003 11:05 PM CST

one channel or hundreds, 99% of television is crap(except the simpsons). sometimes i wish the fucking thing was never invented(except for football). we would all be better off if we just smashed the fuckin things(except porn).

aw fuck it… i think i’ll go watch tv

shane said @ 10/16/2003 04:49 PM CST

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