twofer tuesday

we haven’t done one of these in a while, i reckon…

sometimes shit gets real

i’ve done all kinds of bits on here talking about the various scam emails to get you to give up your personal info. the main ones are the bank mails that you don’t notice come from and so you click the link, go to their fake site, and re-input your login and password because you think it’s the wells fargo site.

they email from big banks because there’s a better chance the random folks bank there – never get those kind of emails from my small town bank. go figure. so when i got one from twitter first thing in the morning…

i called bullshit – plus, i never really use that account except to talk to net porn stars and repost instagram shit (true). how could it be corrupted? but i clicked into the app and sure as you’re born, same warning, same prompt to change my password, just a bit more insistent, so i did. still don’t know what got flagged and honestly don’t care.

all the death

i don’t know how many of you have THOSE neighbors, that almost go overboard at xmas with the decorating? seems the easiest way to do it is copious amounts of blowup shit, which when deflated during the day…

…looks like a post-apocalyptic muppets scene, right?

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