nothing broken, nothing sprained

mine was a little longer than the old standards…

“hold my beer”

“hey ma, watch this”

“the army made custer a general, why shouldn’t we listen to him?”

yep – mine was “well, you just hooked a garden hose and an extension cord – electricity and water – to something you put together in your garage with almost no instructions in less than five minutes…what could possibly go wrong?”

answer? nothing – ’cause that’s what happened since i forgot to turn on the water at the spicket after attaching the hose. but once that water was one? it was a whole different ball game!

i got this power washer almost nine months ago and just unboxed it today. why’d it take so fucking long? simple – i kinda forgot i had it. truth. we got it to wash off old paint so we could primer the trim of the house, but then we had to do other shit, and then it got hot, and now here we are. so, NOW i started on the house? nope. this was actually pulled out to clean a steel table i pilfered from one of the shops to help organize the shoes in my closet.

but now the cat’s outta the bag, so we’ll have all new shit to do around here. honestly, i’m liking my days off lately where instead of having one irresponsible day, where i don’t do shit that’s productive, and then one that’s responsible (where i still barely do shit that’s productive) i’ll kinda wake up, think about what projects need to get did, and then knock em out. when i’m done, the rest of the day is mine. usually i wedge the responsibility time somewhere in the middle unless there’s lots of wild cards as to how long shit will take (like the upcoming fence projects) – those days we start early and usually everything hurts at the end.

why? because, dude – i’m fifty.

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  • Kramer Dec 12, 2021 @ 14:48

    > “why? because, dude – i’m fifty.”

    I knew you were old, but I didn’t think you were that old.

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